Classroom Resources

I am an educational consultant for RBIMusic™ (Rhythm Band Instruments) and I have the pleasure of talking to teachers during one of the largest music education conventions, the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), and I often get ask about instruments I use, the best type of this or that, what books I prefer, what are my favorite things, and how to use the resources in a lesson. I hope to provide you with answers to those questions and maybe inspire you to come up with new ways to use the resources you have in your room.

Recommended Pedagogy Method Books

Discovering Orff by Jane Frazee

Play, Sing, and Dance by Doug Goodkin

Elementaria by Gunild Keetman

Exploring Orff by Arvida Steen

First Steps in Music by John Feieraband

Orff Schulwerk Today by Jane Frazee

Kodaly Today

Kodaly in the Classroom K-5

Gameplan K-5

Purposeful Pathways 1, 2, 3, and 4

Recommended Song Collections

Songs with Questionable Past

This is a comprehensive list of folk songs that is updated by the American Kodaly Institute and is compiled by Lauren McDougle. As you plan your lessons, be mindful of the songs you select and their potential historical impact they may have on your school community.

Recommended TPT Stores

David Rowe at Make Moments Matter

Sing to Kids

Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Room

Becca’s Music Room

Beth’s Music Classroom

The Bulletin Board Lady – Tracy King

Lindsay Jervis

Pitch Publications

Online Resources for Orff

Teaching with Orff

Online Resources for Kodaly

The American Folk Song Collection