Why teach recorder? If you want an in depth answer you can read this blog. The basic answer, it is a gateway instrument. It teaches the dexterity you will need to become a woodwind player, it teaches reading music on the staff and transfering that to a certain fingering pattern to create that pitch. I can go on and on, but if you don’t teach recorder, I would highly suggest you give it a try!

I’m a professional flautist and woodwind specialist by degree and would venture to say I know a considerable amount about recorder. I play the entire consort, including the fife. I played in a recorder consort many, many years ago and I loved it and learned a lot. I hope I can provide so advise and answer some questions here.


I created Magnetix as a way to stop re-inventing the wheel every school year. I used to make my posters out of poster board and construction paper and with use and time they would fade and I would remake them the following year. Magnetix are magnetic visuals, trimmed in Chroma-Notes™colors, think Boomwhackers™, to make them compatible with my recorder visuals. The colors make it nice to divide the class and have half on recorder and half on any Chroma-Notes™instrument. For more information on Magnetix or to purchase a set, head over to

Analisa’s Advice: Recorder Brands and More

Recommended Recorder Brands

Aulos 903E – easy to play for beginners, aperture size is perfect for beginner air, gorgeous tone quality and intonation

Yamaha – YRS-20/23/24 good quality sound for a beginner, aperture size is adequate for beginner air, tone quality can be a bit airy and has slight intonation problems

Peripole – P6000 – professional look to the recorder increases buy in from students, good quality sound but the recorder can be over blown fairly easily

Canto – CR101 – good recorder for those on a tight budget, one piece recorder for easy cleaning

Recorder Curriculum Recommendations

  • Recorder Express by Artie Almeda
  • Recorder Karate by Barb Philipak
  • Recorder Success by Chris Judah-Lauder

Recommended Recorder Resources

  • Magnetix – only available at RBIMusic
  • Soprano Recorder Rack – available at most elementary music suppliers here is the one at RBI
  • Sterisol Germicide – available at most music suppliers

Recommended YouTube Channels