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Favorite YouTube Resources

If you are not following the following channels on YouTube, run, don’t walk. Get there! There are fantastic musicians doing work for all of us. The least we can do is support each other and support their channels. Some people don’t realize that they cannot monetize their channels because of copyright and YouTube red tape. So follow them on social media, too.

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Singing Channels

Sing, Say, Create, Educational Music Channel

Vincent Bates

In Unison Music Lessons

Mrs. Rhodes Music Room

Elementary Music Fun – Happy Tunes

Robert Amchin

Bow Tie Music: Music Class Reimagined


Becca’s Music Room

Music with Mrs. Gibbs

Recorder Channels


Ukulele Channels



Bernadette Teaches Music

Cory Teaches Music

Ten Thumbs Productions

Rhythm Channels

Elementary Music Fun – Happy Tunes


Becca’s Music Room

Mr. Henry’s Music World

Kerrianne Burch

Mrs. King’s Music Corner

Music with Mrs. Ferry

Rhythm Recess

Music with Mrs. Gibbs

Music with Brielle

Ready GO Music

Boomwhacker Channels


Boomy Tunes


Mr. G’s Boomwhacker Channel

Bucket Drumming


Music with Ms. Watson