In the Music Room: Thanksgiving

I love kicking off the holidays in my classroom and I absolutely love all the turkey things! Here are some of my favorite activities to do in the music room for Thanksgiving.

A Turkey Dance by the Learning Zone

Any Turkey Can Tango by Lee Campbell-Towell

Turkey Gobbler – Check out O For Tuna Orff for her lesson plan!

I learned this song from my teaching partner. I do not know the original source. I looked for this exact melody but couldn’t find it. The Orff arrangement is mine, I hope you love it!

I love the poetry found on this site and have used a poem or two as a B section before for A Pumpkin Ran Away.

I’ve had this file for a long time and I cannot remember where I saw it. I researched and found a copy here, but I’m not sure if this is the original source. This is such a fun passing game that I love to do with the older kids. It is based of the melody of Zum Gali. Such fun!

5 Fat Turkeys from Spotlight on Music Pre-K

The audio is readily available on YouTube, but the track I use is from Spotlight so I am not going to post it here for copyright purposes.

These are the moves I learned over 15 years ago from a very sweet teaching partner. I still use them to this day. You can do any movements that feel comfortable for you. I use this song as a brain break with the younger kids.

5 fat turkeys… hold up five fingers

Are we…. point thumbs toward self

We slept… rest on your head on your shoulder

Tree… ASL for tree

When the cook… pretend to stir a pot

We couldn’t be found… pretend to cover your eyes

So that’s why… shrug with arms out, palms up

It is also fun on ukulele at 2:14:

Uses chords C, G7, and F with the melody altered a little bit.

If you wanted to keep it in F, you could always skip the IV chord (Bb) and just use F and C7!

Check out THIS POST for books I like to use for Thanksgiving!

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